Caveat Loans

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What are Caveat Loans?

A Caveat is a form of injunction placed over a property. Lodging a caveat over a property restricts people from dealing with that property until the caveat has been withdrawn. A Caveat Loan is a type of short term loan secured against commercial, residential or industrial real estate. The loan is created  by the borrower taking out a caveat over the property. They are available to those who wish to retain their existing First Mortgage but require a short-term loan, usually for business purposes. Some borrowers who cannot obtain a withdrawal facility from their credit provider may wish to obtain a Caveat Loan on a short term basis.  

Some examples of Caveat Loans:

  • When a developer wishes to keep a project going while permit approval is is sought, they may decide to obtain a Caveat Loan. Once the permits have been approved and the project is ready to carry-on, the developer becomes eligible for loans for a longer term, and in a greater amount.

  • When senior partner wishes to leave a business whilst another wishes to continue the business, a Caveat Loan can be used obtained to ensure a continued smooth operation during this time of flux. The Caveat Loan could be made based on the value of the company premises allowing funds to be raised via other sources for example a management buy in.

What kind of Caveat Loans do we offer?

Credit Solutions Group offers Short Term Caveat Loans quickly and with no reporting requirements and without the need for a credit check. Our Secured Real Estate Loans offer:

  • Minimum Loan of $50,000
  • Unlimited Loan-maximum
  • Loan term of 3 to 12 months

Credit Solutions Group is a Non-Code Lender. The purpose must be predominantly for business use. Call us or apply online today to take out a Caveat Loan.